​Made in Wisconsin,  U.S.A.

The bamboo is waiting for the wind to touch it! Bamboo Fly rods for sale and repair




My fly rod tapers and designs aim to achieve purpose- built results ; evolving and inventing to push the material applications forward. Bamboo is the perfect material to modify and tailor to a particular taste or design. My restorations are given the utmost care and respect as they often are key players in someone's past filled with loving memories.                 

What makes me different?

I have a long, sound reputation as well as a loyal following. I don't build a series of the same rods; rather I build what inspires me and carry that concept on to  specific customer needs. Measuring the love of cane with intensity!

Note:    8/15/17----When a machinist builds a cane rod; the seduction of the cutting tools takes over and supports a rather "Static" conception of the piece/rod. The hand planer will work the taper to it's unique ( single) expression. Here the machine is not the determiner; the eye and hand  are. The machinist is always working to beat time ( efficiency over experience). He attacks the material always one step removed from real contact. Like an executioner who serves the sentence with clean hands --- not responsible. Some builders really never master the fly cast; some never fish-- yes it's true! This machinist prays to the hard calculation given by a strict set of often old parameters. Cut, slice, gouge, grind away a section of the interior of the cane; production always being the key. The artisan builder will work the cane by hand and eye; touch being the key! Speed and ease of work is never considered here; precision and the flushing out what the material is telling you is the link to truly special rods. Often this hand building develops into a vision that completes the decisions of style , grip, seat and even silk color. If you pay attention and trust that internal sense ; the "best" rod will out.