The bamboo is waiting for the wind to touch it!

​​Redwing Fly Rods  7 ft. 6in. model "Capstone"​

Redwing Fly Rods  7ft. 6in.  # 5 line, 3.3 oz. model "Capstone", hand planed, gun stock oil finished, caramel tempered cane. A parabolic #5 rod designed here  to be an accurate, quick into action rod with enough energy to move a long line but really at home  in the more fishable ranges.  Type super "Z" ferrules a longer , finer tapered grip with a Cocobolo seat and 2 blued rings, 2 strippers and light wire guides. This ; the first "Capstone" model is specifically designed to reflect my personal standards-- channeling just how I see a bamboo fly rod after years of exposure.

$ 695.00


Redwing Fly Rods 7ft 7in. 2/2, # 5 line, Hand Planed, 3.8 oz. " Long Taper parabolic".  Flamed cane , blued metals, cap and ring seat over impregnated " Bloodwood', tapered cigar grip and blued type "Z" ferrules. Honey silks , red at the ferrules, light wire snake guides, Mildrum stripper. My personal taper given just a little more strength in the lower butt area for working quicker and reducing false casting.

$ 595.00