Redwing Fly Rods  7ft.  8 in.  Vario / Skish- Cane / Glass        



Redwing Fly Rods  7ft.  8in. type  Vario/ Skish- Cane / Glass, 2/1 ( made that way), #6 line,  oil finished cane with 3x3 node spacing, open grained walnut seat, black agate stripper. A slightly staggered ferrule model ( tip 3in. longer than butt),  fiberglass ferrule, , light wire guides, Young style grip for deepest energy build-up. total weight 3.5 oz.  Built here for speed and accuracy , larger flies, big water, boat tactics, and much easier on the wrists after a long day, without saying. The marriage of these two materials works as the cane controls the natural bend and tempo while the lighter tip allows for the use of a lighter line and overall lighter tip feel. If one reads Charles Ritz and the theory behind these rods; they have to be tried.

Redwing Fly Rods   8 ft.  #4 line  light distance , semi-hollow           

Redwing Fly Rods , new hand planed,  8 ft. #4 line, 2/2,  3.7 oz.  Long Taper Parabolic-- type Light Distance/ semi-hollow.  My long taper parabolic taper built for the lightest #4  or perhaps WF #3 as well. Flamed cane, 2x2 node spacing, dark honey warps, type "Z" blued ferrules, Berlin blue silk at the ferrules. Light wire guides, matched tips, tapered  torpedo grip with  1/4 in.rings of flor grade cork, UL burl seat with cork insert, gold anodized metals ( very light). A longer rod to protect the finest tippets-- a must for today's stream tactics. With bag and tube.


Redwing Fly Rods 7ft 7in. 2/2, # 5 line, Hand Planed, 3.8 oz. " Long Taper parabolic".  Flamed cane , blued metals, cap and ring seat over impregnated " Bloodwood', tapered cigar grip and blued type "Z" ferrules. Honey silks , red at the ferrules, light wire snake guides, Mildrum stripper. My personal taper given just a little more strength in the lower butt area for working quicker and reducing false casting.

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The bamboo is waiting for the wind to touch it! Bamboo Fly rods for sale and repair

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Redwing Fly Rods  8ft.  #5 line , 3.5 oz. 2/2, Long Taper Parabolic action. Dark flamed cane with golden nodes, matched tips, dark honey silks, light wire snakes, Perfection stripper with blued super "Z" type ferrules with wooden plug. Quiet walnut burl seat with 2 blued rings and light walnut end cap. Modified Ritz grip; (flor grade) and all blued N/S metals antiqued. Longer station to station tapers present a deeper parabolic curve without loss of tip speed or weakness; i.e. long flex with high speed. With bag and tube.

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