redwing fly rods  6ft. 7in.   # 3/4 line, long taper parabolic     

Redwing Fly Rods  6ft.  7in.  ( made that way, sections equal)  2/2, # 3/4 line ( I loved a #3 pure silk line)   2.5 oz. 11/64 ferrule,  My Long taper parabolic taper. Blued ferrules, type "Z', uplock burl seat with gold aluminum fittings for lightness, old gold silk wraps, chestnut at ferrules and cork check,  Mildrum stripper. A brisk, firm semi- parabolic action that can work close as well as punching out a 50 ft. cast if necessary, quieter action down from the tip to help protect the lightest tippets. If your interested; the taper worked out to it's best at 6ft. 7in. rather than just settling on an industry standard ( boring! ). Caramel cane with 2x2 node spacing, with bag and tube. 

​$ 695.00

​$ 690.00

j. balestrieri /REDWING FLY rods  10ft. #4/5 line " heritage"    ​new!

J. Balestrieri / Redwing Fly Rods,  10ft. 2/1 ( made that way) #4/5 line, 5.1 oz. Hollow Butt design, new hand planed. Royal red silks, super "Z" type ferrules, 2 strippers, cherry burl seat with cap and ring hardware and modified Ritz grip. I used pre-embargo cane and only removed as much cane as required to save as many of the upper most power fibers as possible. Designed as a long line, long mend fly rod for the lightest tippets and to be fitted with a more classic and heavier ( Hardy Perfect type) fly reel. Really nice with a pure silk line for that taste of the past; but with a updated taper. 

​$ 500.00

The bamboo is waiting for the wind to touch it! Bamboo Fly rods for sale and repair


Redwing fly Rods Light Spey--- Spliced Joints,  11ft.  3/2,  #7/8 line, medium natural tempered cane, large agate stripper, English style snakes, gun stock walnut wood seat, medium brown wraps.  Throws  and mends a long line easily, extremely lightweight but built with the strength needed for a larger fish.  With bag and tube.  If your really Spey fishing; it should be CANE!

​$ 950.00

                Redwing rod on a hidden Western stream.               




I hand plane and try to keep the use of power tools to an absolute minimum.  The more I am in touch with the materials, the more I get a sense for the individual rod and it's own demands.  I believe each rod has it's personal voice that helps me direct it to the collaboration of purpose and outcome.  The more hands on the better!

If you see a rod here that has been sold, another can be made to order same as the original or as you would like.

Make sure to see all the pages of my custom rods-- The best just may be on the BOTTOM!  See pages 1 and 2 on drop down.

A Redwing Spey out working in a New York snow squall.

Redwing Fly Rods Combination Rod 8 1/2 ft. and 6 1/2 ft.        ​New!

Redwing Fly Rods  Combination Rod--  Can be a 3 piece , 2 tip 8 1/2 ft .  # 5/6 rod  or with the independent handle ; a 2 piece 6 1/2 ft. #4 rod . dark flamed cane with golden nodes, 2x2 spacing, N/S blued ferrules, agate stripper, walnut burl seat with blued rings. A good travel size rod and varied sizes to cover most tactical situations. The taper was designed to satisfy both rod types for a smooth parabolic feel, throwing tight loops with power to spare if needed. With bag and tube. This model can be made to ones color and seat tastes etc.

​$ 895.00

Artists require a variety of paints and brushes to perform their craft. Fly fishers require a variety of rods to perform their craft on streams and lakes. The Redwing "Combo" rod is the perfect "one tube" rod for fishing multiple types of water.                                 The 8 1/2 ft. rod using the #5 line effortlessly and accurately allows casting to 50 ft. The # 6 tip will easily lift 50 ft.out of the water and replace the cast to target with ease as advertised. With it's smooth parabolic taper  you spend more time fishing rather than trying to make the rod work for you. I also like to fish small streams here in Utah. The 6 1/2 ft. rod ; assembled from the mid and tip section is perfect for these fine waters. Casts of 15 to 25 ft. are the norm and here this rod possess that capability with grace and accuracy. The cane used in the combo rod is superlative, blended with quiet wraps and comfortable grips-- a pleasure to own!           Jeff Braman


REDWING FLY RODS   5 ft. 6in. ( small water tactical)   new!

Redwing Fly Rods  5 ft. 6in. 2/1 ( one piece made that way)  #3 line, a small water tactical rod, new hand planed from pre-embargo cane. Cigar grip, zebra burl seat with 2 rings, and classic fixed English button. Easy, light casting with a parabolic taper to utilize the whole rod while casting and  short line mending. A nice, quiet action for low areas and big fish tucked quietly in cover.

​$ 400.00

REDWING FLY RODS  9 ft. " type garrison steelhead"

Redwing Fly Rods  9ft.  3/2, # 6/7 line, 5.6 oz. Type Garrison #228- Steelhead. My work with the great Garrison taper; dark shafts impregnated seat with cap and ring with fixed extension rubber butt, agate stripper. A pleasant confident taper; smooth at 60 ft. and perfect for steelhead and light salmon. Built for cold water as the cane is treated before varnishing. Easy casting across and up for Spey flies and larger nymphs and sinking tips etc.

​$  795.00

REDWING FLY RODS  7 FT.  6  in.  "type  f. e. thomas 1906"

Redwing Fly Rods  7 ft.  6 in. # 5  line , 2/2,   3.3 oz. " Type F.E. Thomas 1906". Hand planed, new build, my own parabolic taper for modern use but built to show homage to Thomas's early rods. Golden caramel shafts,rattan grip with original thomas cork check, elegant reelseat hardware. Ruby red silks. Nice semi- parabolic working action for all types of flies.  

​$ 695.00