The bamboo is waiting for the wind to touch it! Bamboo Fly rods for sale and repair

$ 395.00

John Goddard  " Nymph"  8 1/2 ft. $ 5/6 line

orvis  6 1.2 ft.  early model

John Goddard  " Nymph " bamboo Fly Rod,  8  1/2 ft.  2/1 ( made that way)  # 5/6 line. Constable built rod to Goddard's specifications for classic nymph fishing. Matt finish to eliminate rod flash; staggered ferrule design ,in very good to excellent condition with Fuji stripper and tip top guide for better casting, waluut DL seat. has a very fine light action in a great nymph taper. A great design from a British master who died in 2013 at the age of 89. most famous for angling writing, fly creation and the modern nymph compendium. maybe only a couple in the world.

​$ 375.00

Orvis 6 1/2 ft.  3/1, early model, #5 line.  An  early model, inked Orvis on shaft. All lengths correct. I had to replace the "chewed" cork  with new , same as original and replaced the typical Orvis metal seat with a cork insert burl seat and two rings. Deep orange silks; I replaced a few on the butt and mid sections. It's casting stroke is a semi- parabolic in nature and gives precise , tight loops with a # 5 line ( actually likes a WF line). Ferrules in very good to excellent condition. Poker straight shafts; I did a over-wrap on the area just above the tip ferrule  due to a small ding but the rod is as sound as a dollar.